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​New York Community League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated in providing assistance to international students and immigrant families, especially the underrepresented Chinese-speaking communities in Staten Island. We advocate for Heath, Education, and Transportation in Staten Island and other underrepresented communities NYC. Our programs range from free language classes to health-related workshops, and we add more programs as we grow. Please check out our events and programs for more details.



纽约社区联盟NYCL是一家国税局认证的501(c)(3)非营利机构,致力于为来自华语世界的留学生和移民家庭, 特别是为史岛华人社区提供帮助。我们的义工领袖们来自中国大陆、台湾、香港、马来西亚,在史岛和纽约其他未被充分代表的社区推动健康,教育和交通各层面的发展。我们提供各类公益课程、讲座,以及物资与食品援助。随着我们的日益壮大我们将加入更多项目。


What We Do

SNAP Application Assistance  粮食券官方授权办理

NY State of Health Marketplace Application Assistance 纽约州政府医疗保险官方授权办理

SI Transportation Options

NYC Ferry Webinar


Free or Low-Cost Classes


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL)

Chinese (Modern Standard, aka Mandarin) as a Foreign Language (CFL)

Chinese (Cantonese) as a Foreign Language (CCFL)

Chinese (Modern Standard, aka Mandarin) as a Heritage Language (CHL) 

Family Literacy

Art class for children

Microsoft certification classes

For more free, non-traditional classes, please check out Pilot Projects and Programs


Civil Education and Engagement 公民教育

  • Voter Registration

  • Education through Freshkills Park

  • Tax-related workshops

  • Vaccination information and appointment scheduling

  • Mental health webinars

  • Immigrant resources

Career Workshops 职业讲座、工作坊:

  • Join the Navy

  • Census Bureau field representatives 

  • Poll Worker and Board of Elections

  • Themed Career Panels 

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